About Us


SONEGY was the brainchild of industry veteran Michael Reeves who cut his teeth at JBL, Dolby, Mackie/EAW, Gator Cases. Michael’s vision of a loudspeaker company was focused on audio excellence and superior build quality. Unfortunately Sonegy's momentum was cut short when Michael passed in the Spring of 2014.

To honor his legacy several highly experienced audio professionals worked to rekindle his vision and develop the initial designs Michael had started. Former JBL colleagues, members of the ATK executive, technical and design group, business partners from across the globe and a collection of suppliers got together to realize the potential and expand the scope of this project over several vertical markets. Thanks to these efforts, Michael's goal of starting the next great loudspeaker company is alive and well…

What is Sonegy?

Sone: “The sone is a unit of how loud a sound is perceived. The sone scale is linear. Doubling the perceived loudness doubles the sone value. Proposed by Stanley Smith Stevens in 1936, it is a non-SI unit. In acoustics, loudness is the subjective perception of sound pressure. The study of apparent loudness is included in the topic of psychoacoustics and employs methods of psychophysics”


1.  a unit for measuring the loudness of sound, equal to the loudness of a sound that, in the judgment of a group of listeners, is equal to that of a 1000-cycle-per-second reference sound having an intensity of 40 decibels.





Sonegy Today

SONEGY designs and builds high-performance loudspeakers for use in the professional audio market where flawless performance and rugged durability are the price of admission. The company’s core design pool is staffed by working professionals with decades of combined experience mixing audio, designing complex audio solutions and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies at the highest level of sound reproduction. SONEGY’s designers and engineers use their insight to create and deliver loudspeakers that are articulate and coherent without sacrificing expressiveness or musicality. Special attention has been paid to creating a “family voice” for the products ensuring seamless integration into any systems solution that demands intelligibility and consistency. From simple point-and-shoot 2-way passive speakers to highly sophisticated, groundbreaking audio solutions, SONEGY’s experience and commitment to quality guarantees success in even the most mission-critical situations.

Guiding Principles

Quality Inside and Out:

At Sonegy, excellence is a way of life. Without employing the best practices, using high grade components and creating designs that address real-world situations, you’re just slipping into the realms of mediocrity. Sonegy’s commitment to quality is unwavering and we integrate only the finest components with superior craftsmanship when building our speaker cabinets. Our price-to-value ratios are the best they can be because we don’t over design or under design – we invest in what it takes to sound great and make your project successful.


Simplicity in Design:

Our experience with utilizing the most complex and demanding technologies in no-compromise environments has shown us that keeping it simple yields the best possible result. There is no substitute for experience and we’re bringing that experience to all of Sonegy’s designs.


It’s very simple – practice the golden rule in your business relationships, work relationships, industry relationships and personal relationships. Respect the product and the customers who’ll be impacted by its performance. Respect the planet by employing “green” practices wherever and whenever you can. And respect the opportunity to excel that our customers and partners give us on a daily basis.