XS Series

Sonegy XS Series speakers are designed and constructed to provide high-performance audio in the most demanding environments. At home on concert stages as monitoring devices and near field PA, in fixed installations where failure is not an option or for use as a ground stack FOH, XS Series offer myriad opportunities for a successful audio experience.

All cabinetry features precision cut, Baltic Birch multi-ply construction and intense structural bracing to mitigate unwanted resonance and improve damping. Every model is finished in a super tough Polyuria and features steel handles. The solid steel grilles offer unmatched protection for the custom Radian™ LF and HF drivers. Regarded as the pinnacle in driver design and construction, Radian has been manufacturing the highest quality audio components for over 30 years. Additionally, all full-range cabinets feature Soneguard™ crossover networks and convenient M10 suspension points for fixed position, permanent install.

XS Full Range

XS full range cabinets feature low profile, high power handling 10” and 12” coaxial designs and a 600W (continuous) two-way 15” cabinet. All cabinets are loaded with high-end Radian components, constructed from void free Baltic Birch and offer suspension points, pole mounts, steel handles and grilles. XS Series 10” and 12” full range cabs are an excellent choice for fixed installations where performance, durability and convenience are the demand. Their low-profile design allows for discrete employment in soffits, under over-hangs, in corners and on walls. The superior intelligibility and high power handling make them perfect for public address in large spaces like hotel lobbies, public buildings and sports centers.

XS Subwoofers

Subwoofers challenge the structural integrity of a speaker cabinet more than any other design. Properly designed cabinets mitigate harmful resonance that manifests in muddy, unintelligible low end performance. The superior XS Series subwoofer construction ensures clarity and punch when you need it the most. The void free Baltic Birch and structural engineering support the massive power handling capabilities of the 1500W (music power) Radian 18” woofers. With a single and double 18” model available, XS Series subs can be configured for any application where a no-compromise low-frequency cabinet is justified.